Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


The area occupied by the Babimost Forest District, apart from offering abundance of natural environment, shows the history of early settlements, features original folklore architecture, historical buildings (mainly sacral) and rich history of Ziemia Lubuska.

Over the centuries men created parks to surround their residences, being both huge palaces or small country mansions. Many of them have survived until the present time. Usually they are located on manor or church lands. Parks with  remarkable natural and scenic values have been acknowledged as monuments and as such entered into the Register of the Regional  Monuments Conservator. Parks attract our attention with their  beauty and are an agglomeration of rare plant species. They abound in old, monumental examples of rare and often exotic trees.

Promotion of Ziemia Babimojska, obviously meaning promotion of the nature of this area and the Forest District, was  wonderfully  developed by Eugeniusz Paukszta and his Artists' Retreat .  This facility is located  at the Ranger' Lodge  Lina, which also houses the memorial room dedicated to that distinguished writer.  The Retreat was created with contribution of the Forest District (especially  of the Chief Forester Stanisław Daszkiewicz and the Municipal  and Communal Office of Kargowa).

The area of the Babimost Forest District features many similar objects entered into the Register of the Regional Monuments Conservator.