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The basic task of environmental education is shaping adequate social attitudes towards the issues of environmental protection and forestry.

Direct, negative human activity is a great problem and constitutes  real threat to forest ecosystems. Fires and forest damage are a result of the danger resulting from a direct human activity. The role of educational facilities is to make people familiar with  the issues related to forests benefits and to make them  aware of the existing there dangers.

Although most of the meetings and discussions in which foresters take part take place in schools, the most interesting are those that are held on educational trails and during visits to forests. Apart from their typical forest duties, foresters also carry out educational tasks. This means establishing educational trails and developing cooperation with local schools.

The Babimost Forest District provides education of fire protection and prevention.

Due to the fact that pine prevails in this territory providing undergrowth that easily catches fire, in the majority of areas comprised by the Babimost Forest District  there is a great fire danger. The danger is increased by frequent visits of tourists and local people, especially in summer and autumn, who come to forests for picking blackberries and mushrooms.