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The nature interpretive trail "LASKI" goes through the area of the Babimost Forest District. It was created in 1998 in the nature reserve "Laski" and is located at the distance of 2 km from Babimost. The trail follows forest tracks through nine theme stops/sites. The walk takes 1.5 h.

The trail course:

0 Start: information board  near the natural monument, the oak tree "Kazimierz".

1. Forest protection against harmful insects,

2. Forest dangers,

3. What does forest give?

4. Forest nursery,

5.Forest role,

6. Wild game – traces,

7. Birds of our forests,

8. Forest layer system,

9. Silviculture.


The trail which is made available to tourists  all the week round plays its educational and social role perfectly and every year it is visited by several hundreds forest knowledge lovers, mainly school students. In the present economic period the Forest District does not plan to make a new nature interpretive trail.