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The area of the Babimost Forest District is situated on the border line of the two different regions: Ziemia Lubuska and Wielkopolska. It can be characterized by a considerable fragmentation due to 198 forest complexes it consists of. Bigger forest complexes present here are the areas with rather uniform landscape.

The general area of the Babimost Forest District amounts to 16022,93 ha. The District consists of three divisions:  

  • Dąbrówka - 3950,37 ha,
  • Kargowa - 5562,31 ha,
  • Szczaniec - 6510,25 ha.

Pine prevails in his area. The forests stands with prevailing pine occupy 88,81% of the forest area, whereas stands with prevailing coniferous trees 90,08%. Forest stand of the I and II age category comprise  30,31% of the forest area.