Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


Silviculture is the basis of human economic activity run in forests. A durable and sustainable management of forest areas is a forest management plan. The main tasks of foresters is to preserve and enrich the existing forest stands, called forest renewal. Another task is to create new forests which is commonly referred to as afforestation.

Silviculture also means collecting and storing tree seeds, production of seedlings in forest nurseries, planting and tending of forest plantations and  stands. Seedlings are grown in nurseries. Nursery production is carried out in Forest Nurseries of  Rogoziniec.

The last element of silviculture is the  final cut. It is done in order to  ensure forest renewal in a manner compatible with the requirements of the existing tree species.Methods by which the final cut is performed must  guarantee preservation of  forest  biodervisity, its productivity and regeneration capabilities, as well as  continuity and proper ecological functions of trees.